Monday, April 2, 2007

What EMI and Apple announcement really means

Well If you haven't heard about this Apple and EMI have announced that Apple Itunes will be selling DRM free music at higher bit quality rates. This bodes well for Apple Itunes in some of the ways they mention.


  • They will be selling high 256 bit rates
  • Will be compatible with all MP3 players
  • Will be more expensive, in the United States it will be 1.29$ for a track instead of the 99 cents.
  • Only EMI tracks will be available as of May
  • Will be worldwide
  • Will not apply for videos
  • Steve Jobs hopes that half of the Itunes Store will be DRM by the end of the calendar year

Cows real thoughts on Toki-chan while she mouth sings

However, this information has more under the surface then what was told to us (and some that isn't

  • First of all, since many people I know have not been using Itunes for the fact that they can tell they can tell that difference will sign on.
  • Since EMI tracks will be worldwide like this, it could imply that I could go and buy Utenda Hikaru (Japanese artist under EMI) and buy the 220¥ (I assume, since everything seems to be taking a 20 cent/pence/euro upturn) and be able to play it on my itunes without having to re-authorize it to a Japanese Itunes
  • Steve Jobs also mention that they expect to have Itunes half DRM free by end of this year, how can he do that when many of the major labels have opposed this? Two reasons:

    -Steve Job with his reality distortion field, may be able to show the record companies that they can make money using EMI as the example (if it works out), combined with the higher bit rate (maybe to make it harder and longer to transport over P2P networks, kinda like HD isn't feasible over this yet either due to the hours of loading, not sure, gave this up in high school) may be able to sway some of the others (except Warner; wouldn't expect them to come for a while)

    -The other indie artist who were against DRM. Bare naked Ladies is a big example, who won't sell on companies with DRM, but have said if Itunes would offer DRM free would love putting on their music.

I except the second reason to be the first artist other than EMI to come on board as DRM free on Itunes, however, I expect that for the hope of half the Itunes store to be DRM free that he will half to get atleast one more label on, or more. As more me? I'm going on Ebay and buying that Yen Itunes card for that chance to get all the music from Utenda Hikaru including this Kingdom Heart hit

Utada Hikaru - ? - EP - ?

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