Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ok, wow my first post...
First to break the ice.......

A priest, a cow, and a rabbi walk into a bar, *is booed*
ok, I'll stop!!!

Hi, there internet world! This is Toki-chan coming to you live with....
Toki-chan and Cow.
Well, ok, your going, why should I even consider reading this blog?
Ok, this blog may not be the best written, or witist, or anything like that, but it will deal with funny and unique random facts that tantilate the mind with some politics, geekness, and artwork tossed into the mix!
Well, if your still reading, here is a little about me!
I am a college student in Georgia (if you haven't heard of it don't sweat it) who just happens to find the most randomest things at times. Cow is my stuffed cow who lives with me and is able to present information more consisely and arguable more understabely than me.


He really wanted to be in a story!
So expect more soon
~~ Signing off
Toki-chan and Cow

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