Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Save by the MacBook

Well this was an interesting picture that came that seems to fit the unique idea of this site.

This Macbook was shot in a robbery, and as Mac User says, it looks quite functional. This seems to be true, however, the guy who owned it deleted it, so it seems to be a little unreliably, but I think it seems good, since also the battery would have been shot (literally) and they have a power cord.

Anyway this guy on Mac user also talked about his Powerbook:

+in may 2005 i got hit by a car while crossing a crosswalk, with my iBook in my messenger bag, which is a low bag that hangs down by my knees almost... well, it saved my legs from getting broken, the screen is usless now but the iBook still works and i was able to retrive all of my data using migration assistant. to this date the iBook still powers up and everything other than the screen (completely smashed) seems to work fine...

This is really coool man. Cow agrees.

Parallels; Coming to a gamer near you

How many of you heard today that Parallels software is coming out of Beta. People will be able to update to this for free or buy a new version. Though being a broke college student myself, with In2tv finally being able to play on a Mac, I see no need to get this. However, many online gamers, (such as Cow) may see this as a great opportunity to do this. From what I read you can even make it so that programs from windows can run in a Mac on the Dock with a little part called Coherence. So Cow will only have to click on the online game and go. I think he's excited.

Anyway, this also includes
-USB support of such products as printers at the computer native speed
-ability to burn CD's and DVD using the native CD burner
-a nifty thing where you only have to install windows once so that it will run in boot camp
-A transporter to move things around on the computer

But remember people you got to get Spyware/adware protection.

This all bodes well for this, but most of all, Cow can play games... woot (and I get my computer less... I guess that good.................)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Ok, sorry haven't posted in forever, I know there has been alot (IPHONE!!!!) anyway, I was surfing the internet tonight and I discovered that when I went to in2tv and clicked crusade... I COULD WATCH IT ON MY MAC!!!!! YAYYY!Y!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if I can do Hi-quailty, I"ll leave that to other, but I am going to sit back and watch B5. And I will be posting daily k!
Also, Added season 3 episodes of babylon 5 (episode 9 and 17) I think Cow and I though will wait till we have the episode 1 of the season to watch