Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Parallels; Coming to a gamer near you

How many of you heard today that Parallels software is coming out of Beta. People will be able to update to this for free or buy a new version. Though being a broke college student myself, with In2tv finally being able to play on a Mac, I see no need to get this. However, many online gamers, (such as Cow) may see this as a great opportunity to do this. From what I read you can even make it so that programs from windows can run in a Mac on the Dock with a little part called Coherence. So Cow will only have to click on the online game and go. I think he's excited.

Anyway, this also includes
-USB support of such products as printers at the computer native speed
-ability to burn CD's and DVD using the native CD burner
-a nifty thing where you only have to install windows once so that it will run in boot camp
-A transporter to move things around on the computer

But remember people you got to get Spyware/adware protection.

This all bodes well for this, but most of all, Cow can play games... woot (and I get my computer less... I guess that good.................)

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