Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mr. Rodgers Goodbye

More Mr. Rodgers... I Love him =)

Monday, June 18, 2007

I love Mr. Rodgers and witty signs

Here's 15 great facts about him here .He was such a dear man, I'm glad he was around when I was growing up, cause I watched him religously... I think. I can only hope we have more men like him. I don't think Cow has seen him ever though..... *thinks about getting Cow a cardigan sweater*

and Witty church signs

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Robot Chicken; Star Wars Special

So me and my brother and Cow were watching Adult Swim... and guess what? STAR WARS AND ROBOT CHICKEN! So the highlights:

The funniest thing to come off Robot Chicken Ever:

I think Robot Chicken came up with the best way of Darth Vader to balance his karma. To be constantly followed around by Jar Jar as a sprit. Truely it is what he should have to happen to him.

Here this clip:

This video of Lobot dancing shows just how we can tell Star Wars was made in the 1970's.

This whole episode is filled with this. You'll enjoy it so here is the whole thing: Here (not really for people under 14)

And I leave you with another one of Darth's Karma being balance, and a very good Chicken clucking of the Star Wars ending.

Apple is to Mobile as Mircosoft is to Home?

Sorry for bringing those horrible SAT moments back, but I just couldn't resist. Anyway, if you haven't heard about Mircosoft's new product, it's new computer which is called Surface. In an Apple Esc. presentation of a product, this product rolled out of the internal jungle of Mircosoft to be one of it's most innovative item.

Mircosoft Surface

It's like a big table that you can finger paint and have it show it up on. Oh and do all your applications. Well this seemed to first strike my Apple sense as horrible and an affront to Apple, just like Mircosoft seems to always seems to copy Apple. Well, this passed like most things (however, it was like eating 10 pound of cheese). So I went back, and it struck me how when Microsoft comes out with anything innovated, (yes, they have come out with innovation, even though we want to make them out to be the biggest copy machine in the world) it has been on programs that have been have been more suited for work or home computers. Word is a perfect example, since when your typing, you want to be settled if your typing something important for work, though their are people like me who, are running to class and finishing up the last paragraph on an essay due thirty minutes ago. But a lot of people like the stability of a computer at the house that doesn't move. Excel and all the rest of the programs seem to need a good chunk of time of working time and attention, and that seems to scream sitting at a desktop to me. Also the fact that the Window's is the gaming platform, which almost always employee's desktops due to the power needed.

Now we look at this Surface, and it seems to ring out to me that this is Microsoft's future. Microsoft has always been good at designing thing (other than bloated OS's) in their heyday things that were great for the desktop. Actually even the bloated OS goes well with the desktop, because you need all the space. Add in the fact that they worked five years on this, and I think this is really their future.

But what does this have to do with Apple and Laptops? Apple has not always been good at laptops, how they started out was the first PC, that was a desktop. However, even this speaks about Apple future. Apple has always wanted total control over their products creation from hardware on up (we will not speak of the dark ages of the time without Steve) they have almost always had an integrated platform. What sector also had this? Mobile phones. I mean, they come preloaded with a OS that the company has made or alerted for the phone, with out a choice. It's not like you can take one phones OS and upload it to another phone, the OS is made to work with the Cellular technology of the company's network. With Mobile products this is needed and Apple may the one to head towards the mobile market. I phone will be a big show of this, but I think that it will be the direction that it heads in

But it's just not the cell phones (Thank God all mighty) but Apple's Laptops are also towards the mobile market at a huge pace. Mostly because of college student love there Mac's (I can testify to that. My computer leave my side less than Cow) And I think Apple will head in this direction when it comes to it's computers. Though I don't think people will ever have a laptop Cell phone, but if it's anyone to figure it out, it's Apple.

I think that the flagship's of these companies will be towards these area's with other products, though less popular competing with the other company. Then again Google could take over the world. Just a thought.

Friday, June 15, 2007

More Sky picture

I like this. it's pretty. Thanks reader Smack, and to everyone else who reads and tried to make me feel better. *hugs* I don't feel like doing anything more. sorry guys night.

PS Actually I'm thinking about starting a sky thing. Berry has such gourgous sunsets. I'll take pictures of the best ones and post them on here. Or anything cool with the sky. It kinda of enchants me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I hate stomuch flu (part 2)

If you checked before, I had one in March. I have them five days and I never throw up or anything else once... If I did I would be rid of it. They stink. So since I"m cranky as crazy I'm just going to take some favorite stuff off of *Bleches* well I do blech alot, but I do that anytime I'm nauseous.

see how interesting your IP is
Mine was 6

Good Prank

Windows XP prank

*goes to hug Cow*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Love Cow

Tired. Tummy hurt. I think ate bad toothpaste.

Made things.

Funny stuff for you:

Going to bed. *cuddles with Cow*

Monday, June 11, 2007

Safari and Windows... How much will it matter?

Well if you haven't heard already... Safari is out... On Windows. I was not expecting that. Though once they announced how they were going to make the applications run on Iphone, it made a little more sense. What I'm wondering is what is going to be the adoption rate? I mean how many people would actually move? In my house, it will only be my brother, but think about people and how the cling to their browswers

For example:
Mozilla people cling to their broswer. Some are fanitical about it. Some use it cause it's better on security than IE. Some people use it cause it's what they know. 
The only ones I would expect to bleed off Mozilla are people who are seeking the fastest Browser or who use Firefox on Windows because they don't already have safari. Also if they buy an I phone they may also switch.

IE: I see people who use IE are either uninformed, use it sparely, or love IE. Though the third one is hard to believe there are people who do. I only see them switching are the uninformed, by finding out or Safari being installed on the computer by another and being instructed to use it. I phone again could switch others.

Others: Such as Opera are pretty much set in their browsers that they use. However, if these people need another browser because their's won't handle some information, maybe they will consider Safari, but more likely than not they will stick with IE or firefox.

So with this I don't expect that many conversions to Safari in percents, atleast now. However, this is only for now. Either way, once Safari beta become 3.0 and the Iphone hits the market, I expect that Safari will raise quite a few points. And that's all I could hope for.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blogger Widget

Ok, I'm posting from the New Mac Blogger Widget. It's pretty nice, and it finally lets people use their Google accounts. It's in the dashboard (my only one, cause they eat way to much RAM up). I hope that Leapord has a better way of keeping up with Widgets... Oh and no spell checker no this widget. All in all it's not bad. 

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Beautiful Storm

We had a weird sky last night... so I thought I might share it with you. The photographs are my artwork. *proud* Plus Cow was inside with his head under a blanket... *mumbles*I was the one to throw him there */mubbles*

Oh and I'm finally updating once a day. YAY! So if anyone reads this other than Mos, please check back (though I'm proberely jinxing myself)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hi I'm Selma and I need a Louise

Ok, I need a Beta. Again that whole thing of Cow of not being able to type (*cough* or really talk *cough*) stinks. So I need someone to help me with stuff like grammer and junk. It won't be hard, *cough* ok really hard, cause I don't post that often... and if they have their own friend that they would like to post with all the better. Thanks.

Also I will respond in the comments section almost all the time. Mos if you can write..

So I'm in Nerd training

So I have spent the last couple of days thinking by going into what I would call Computer Nerd training... complete with the teenage hormones that most geeks have since they start their training when in middle and high school. (though it's usually not the type of hormones I had... I was as ill as a hornet. Cow and my parents got the brunt of it... Poor Cow has been hugged almost out of his normal shape)

Anyway, I spent the last two days adding a new computer to my already unimpressive arsenal of computers. I raided four Windows 95 computers for parts and made it so that one old HP computer has 160 MB of memory. Whether you consider it bad or good, I seem to be failing at one part of this training... I Can't figure out how to make my computer take a slave drive. I have to admit, even though I may act nerd-ish, I regard myself as a geek. What's the difference?

More Math based person, logical, socially awkward due to this way of thinking scientifically or mathematically, and D and D people

Nerd Cow

Loves to work with computers, writes code for the fun of it, Engineer type.
More of a fantasy based person (SciFi conventions, the one who wear costumes), Socially awkward due to the fact that they like Geeky stuff

Princess Cow-ienty (Sailor Moon Cow!)

They love to use the stuff that Nerds make, but may not know how more in-depth they do to make it. Fantasy writer, Website and software designers.

That's why I think that a lot of Nerd come from Geeks. The best example I can think of is "How William Shatner Changed the world" (Oh yes I am going there). This show describe how a lot of inventions that were described on Star Trek became inspiration for inventors of today. Like these kids went from being kids from being Geeks watching this, turning into Nerd with their love of math... Yeah ok. It's bad, but I think that Nerds and Geeks can be the same, or only one, but they are always linked.

So back on point. while learning this information, I can't figure out to make a slave drive out of this. If you could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Plus I want to become a Nerd. Sort of... I'm still not sure about the pocket protecters.

P.S. The definitions are based on how I see Geek vs. Nerd.