Sunday, June 17, 2007

Apple is to Mobile as Mircosoft is to Home?

Sorry for bringing those horrible SAT moments back, but I just couldn't resist. Anyway, if you haven't heard about Mircosoft's new product, it's new computer which is called Surface. In an Apple Esc. presentation of a product, this product rolled out of the internal jungle of Mircosoft to be one of it's most innovative item.

Mircosoft Surface

It's like a big table that you can finger paint and have it show it up on. Oh and do all your applications. Well this seemed to first strike my Apple sense as horrible and an affront to Apple, just like Mircosoft seems to always seems to copy Apple. Well, this passed like most things (however, it was like eating 10 pound of cheese). So I went back, and it struck me how when Microsoft comes out with anything innovated, (yes, they have come out with innovation, even though we want to make them out to be the biggest copy machine in the world) it has been on programs that have been have been more suited for work or home computers. Word is a perfect example, since when your typing, you want to be settled if your typing something important for work, though their are people like me who, are running to class and finishing up the last paragraph on an essay due thirty minutes ago. But a lot of people like the stability of a computer at the house that doesn't move. Excel and all the rest of the programs seem to need a good chunk of time of working time and attention, and that seems to scream sitting at a desktop to me. Also the fact that the Window's is the gaming platform, which almost always employee's desktops due to the power needed.

Now we look at this Surface, and it seems to ring out to me that this is Microsoft's future. Microsoft has always been good at designing thing (other than bloated OS's) in their heyday things that were great for the desktop. Actually even the bloated OS goes well with the desktop, because you need all the space. Add in the fact that they worked five years on this, and I think this is really their future.

But what does this have to do with Apple and Laptops? Apple has not always been good at laptops, how they started out was the first PC, that was a desktop. However, even this speaks about Apple future. Apple has always wanted total control over their products creation from hardware on up (we will not speak of the dark ages of the time without Steve) they have almost always had an integrated platform. What sector also had this? Mobile phones. I mean, they come preloaded with a OS that the company has made or alerted for the phone, with out a choice. It's not like you can take one phones OS and upload it to another phone, the OS is made to work with the Cellular technology of the company's network. With Mobile products this is needed and Apple may the one to head towards the mobile market. I phone will be a big show of this, but I think that it will be the direction that it heads in

But it's just not the cell phones (Thank God all mighty) but Apple's Laptops are also towards the mobile market at a huge pace. Mostly because of college student love there Mac's (I can testify to that. My computer leave my side less than Cow) And I think Apple will head in this direction when it comes to it's computers. Though I don't think people will ever have a laptop Cell phone, but if it's anyone to figure it out, it's Apple.

I think that the flagship's of these companies will be towards these area's with other products, though less popular competing with the other company. Then again Google could take over the world. Just a thought.


Marcos El Malo said...

You should see this:

Fake Table Commercial

It's pretty hilarious.

John Brissenden said...

TC, you're being way too generous to Microsoft there. I don't know about mobile vs home, but as I've said before, Microsoft is the North Korean Apple

Toki-chan said...

Marco: seen it. It was good.

John: Yeah a bit, but some of this is really revolutionary. The laying of devices and extracting information among other things is creativity I have never ever ever seen or expected out of Microsoft.