Sunday, June 17, 2007

Robot Chicken; Star Wars Special

So me and my brother and Cow were watching Adult Swim... and guess what? STAR WARS AND ROBOT CHICKEN! So the highlights:

The funniest thing to come off Robot Chicken Ever:

I think Robot Chicken came up with the best way of Darth Vader to balance his karma. To be constantly followed around by Jar Jar as a sprit. Truely it is what he should have to happen to him.

Here this clip:

This video of Lobot dancing shows just how we can tell Star Wars was made in the 1970's.

This whole episode is filled with this. You'll enjoy it so here is the whole thing: Here (not really for people under 14)

And I leave you with another one of Darth's Karma being balance, and a very good Chicken clucking of the Star Wars ending.


Lawrence said...

What the hell's an "aluminum Falcon"?!

Toki-chan said...

LOL! He miss-understood Vader when Vader said Millennium falcon.

Marcos El Malo said...

Thanks! I cancelled my cable awhile back and I rely on people like you embedding video or posting links to the really good stuff.

Lawrence said...

I know, but its one of my favorite lines i ever heard.

Toki-chan said...

*bang hands on head* oh.

Marcos, go here. In2tv

This website has alot of free TV shows. My favorite is Babylon 5.

Marcos El Malo said...

Thanks, doll face.

Lawrence said...

Doll face?

Toki-chan said...

First time I was called it too. *giggles*