Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Save by the MacBook

Well this was an interesting picture that came that seems to fit the unique idea of this site.

This Macbook was shot in a robbery, and as Mac User says, it looks quite functional. This seems to be true, however, the guy who owned it deleted it, so it seems to be a little unreliably, but I think it seems good, since also the battery would have been shot (literally) and they have a power cord.

Anyway this guy on Mac user also talked about his Powerbook:

+in may 2005 i got hit by a car while crossing a crosswalk, with my iBook in my messenger bag, which is a low bag that hangs down by my knees almost... well, it saved my legs from getting broken, the screen is usless now but the iBook still works and i was able to retrive all of my data using migration assistant. to this date the iBook still powers up and everything other than the screen (completely smashed) seems to work fine...

This is really coool man. Cow agrees.

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