Thursday, March 1, 2007

Stomuch flu...

Ok, well I got a stomach flu, and the planning of my next blog (which is figuring all this hype of Safari eating up all the processing power) will delayed till I can eat something and not be nauseous till I"m hungry again.

Cow showing what is needed when your sick

I found this cool, so in light of another post, here is a blog post I love because, Star Wars and mac combined

Their is a disturbance in the Force

This is hilarious man.
*needs to make Cow's Jedi costume*

Ok while I figuring that I may not throw up, I've been think about figuring about what this blog is going to be about. I know no one reads this blog, maybe someone will, so I've figured out what I want to do ( I think)

Show things dealing with:
-Macs (and computers in General)
-Christianity (in my life and the internet)
-Artwork (mine and others)
-Geekyness (not Fantasy)
and show all this using Cow and pictures to prove a point.

If anyone cares ideas?

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Lawrence said...

Get well soon, miss Toki.