Monday, March 5, 2007

I should have known....

Anyway, if you haven't heard about this all ready, there is a document that was found against our favorite monopoly about how they threatened to withdraw Support for Microsoft Word from Apple computers. Link to Email (PDF)

This was when Apple was going through all the turmoil in 97 and I even heard only had the financing to run two more months,(the article also mentioned about what the memo mentioned about the Apple Evangelism group, I'll use that to time it cause I don't know where the article is) . Anyway, three months later Apple announces that it will be Partnering Microsoft to ship IE on all Macs and with an agreement to support Microsoft Word on Apple computers for the next five years. Yes, I Know this seems important by itself, but I think it shows a trend of Microsoft trying to tighten the noose on Apple, though if not to destroy it, at least control it.

Tightening the Noose

Anyway, back on track, I though about how this related to now. A few months ago Microsoft announced that the next version of Word would not run Marco based documents. Well this does not seem that important to most users, cause most of us don't even know what a Marco is... (I'm not even really sure) However, the article stated that many many companies use this in their documents for one reason or another. Well, so Microsoft is doing this so? Well, after this first article I had a small theory brewing about Microsoft, but I decided to shaft it to bad craftsmanship on Microsoft's case. However, then came around Vista EULA clause on Virtualazation.

Parallels on a Mac has become huge since the adoption of Intel Chips, and I see as a great thing for all software (actually if you notice on the bottom of the PDF file they are talking about the first real virtualazation software... I love irony). However, in the tiny print of Vista End User licensing Agreement, you'll notice that fine print about how that you
A) Cannot use the Home Editions on Virtualazation software (You have to go up Business or Ultimate)
B)That video content that is played with the license (like In2tv was till a couple days ago) would not be available
Though the second reason was told to be due to the fact they could protect it from hackers or malware, this all just backed up my claim even more

These incidents seem to bring my claim that Microsoft is trying to do what it did all those years ago to it's one most Mac Zealots would make, That Microsoft is trying to bring down Apple. However, you know it seem a little more insidious and underhanded this time, by slowing pulling away convenience away from Apple base products, slowly and surely they will pull away customers from Apple. I guess that the nature of the Monopoly beast, even though your making money off this stuff up the wazoo, you still try to tear down you enemies in the process. Sigh

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