Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Just a little titbits of Google

I love finding Geekiness on the Web and in real life. I mean I about died when at a church retreat my speaker decided to use Star Wars quotes, or when you see a sign that says all your base belong to us. Anyway, since Google (our hoster) deciede to be geeky I would decide to post some of it's more Geeky areas on the Web. My first is when I was going through Google Operating System and saw some of Google so called easter eggs.

Here's an acutually Easter Egg from Google

And here is what you get when you try to do Google Doc's on Opera or Safari (My two favorite browsers!!

I have to admit the fact that I have a Violate intergalactic law... but so has COW!!! So at least I won't be going to jail soon... Unless:

Scenerio 4 happens here, but mostly I'll be dead... or the end of the world will happen and I'll still be dead....

Ahh.. though I never have been to be the one to Learn the intricacies of L33t (meaning L33t is all I can spell... Cow might be able to do more...) I find this page quite funny....

L33t Google

This and the last one of these links comes from a very weird source. It comes from This guy who has such wrong information that he should be arrested. Loco Google totally doesn't look like that!!!!

Loco Google

And the sweetest of all the ones I've seen so far...

They are such Good little boys aren't they?

All good Programmer love their Moms!!!!

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