Thursday, March 15, 2007

Take out your frustrations on your computer without actually damaging it!

Well I have a friend who always always hates his computer, no if and or buts about it. It's cause it never works. This program might just be the thing for his gun toting Texan ways. The program is called Bullet, and nifty little program that lets you use you mouse to shoot at your computer. It's a great little stress reliever, though I think it would be better suited to Window users, but I use it when I get those occasions where my Mac just loves to a hate my favorite website or a need website.

Cow taking pot shots at the computer

The company who makes this also has some other interesting software, such as nice pod-casting software and Windows Partition back up for the Mac. Here's a link to alot of their software, and the rest is at their home page Two Canoes Home

Click Here to get Bullet


rAyAne said...


The Mastering E said...

i always thought chan is a Chinese / Cantonese surname :P

Al the DLOE said...

wow. now i just need it to allow me to machinegun my comp for the bad temp sensor. btw cool site Toki.

Toki-chan said...

Thanks all *HUGS*