Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well I was watching the a show that dissected Star Wars according to the myths that created it. And they pointed out something interesting about one of the themes of Star Wars. That is the more technology based that a character is in it, the more towards what would be considered not human, or the human experience.

For example, Darth Vader. Poor guy, is so mechanical he need oil to properly walk. He was considered away from the human experience because of this (and the fact he's DARTH VADER).

Or like when they are trying to destroy the Death Star. If you remember, there was a guy who used the computer targeting system to try to destroy the death Star (that lived up to it's name by dying) But when Luke does it without the computer system... BOOM! Bai bai Star thingy. Just cause he didn't use the computer (or the fact that he's LUKE yeah you get the point)

I guess I'm trying to say, how much we use technology are we taking away from going hiking and hanging out with friends. Or even doing something good, like helping out. Or relying more on technology than ourselves or God. I guess I ponder this because this computer is my third hand (Not literally, but it's close to it, and cow would be my fourth). But I mean how many hours have you waisted siting in front of a computer doing nothing?

I think George Lucas had a very good point.

To bad if I try to listen to it... well it would be a hard thing to kick. Cow on the other hand. Well... I think he may have the better life with his grass.


Joshua said...

(Found your blog via Fake Steve Jobs... the best blog ever!)

You raised some good points. I had an epiphany the other day (while reading some Vonnegut at the park... go figure), and decided that perhaps some of the breakthroughs in technology may have actually harmed society. I'm in no way a Luddite, but I think that sometimes it's beneficial to just take a break from tech and clear your mind.

My $0.02.

Lawrence said...

Darth Vader wasn't dehumanized! Just misunderstood...

Toki-chan said...

Thanks guys, and he was not dehumanized, but he missed the great experiences of being human, such as having children.

Marcos El Malo said...

OK, in your mind do a mash up of Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz. Will the Wizard be able to fulfill Darth Vader's wish and give him a heart? Will Jar Jar get a brain? What about the Cowardly Robot? And will Amidala ever get back to her home in Kansas with her little ewok Toto?

By the way, this book wasn't by Joseph Cambell was it? I mean, was the program based on a book by Joseph Cambell? Hmmmmm. Was it this program?

If it was (or even if it wasn't), you should check out Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth. It's Bill Moyers talking with Joseph Cambell about Myth, symbols, and what they have to do with religions. Really interesting stuff.

(I've always wanted to have a girlfriend named Epiphany, so I could brag to my friends, "I had an Epiphany last night".)