Monday, May 14, 2007

SORRRY! I"m back

Ok guys... I'm soooo soorrrryyyy. I got busy with finals, getting put in the hospital for dehydration, and other junk. One of the others in the fact... I don't like talking sometimes... it's really weird. I'm a communication major, and sometimes I would rather jump of a cliff than talk (talk about ironic). So next time that happens I'll backstop on articles for the next time this happnens. Anyway as a way to make it up to you I have


Not just any cookies though...


and a semi Vader looking glob of icing:

A demented C3P0:

And last and certinly not least, Cow (who really needs to be brushed again):

More to come, so if anyone even looks... well I'll be posting from now on. Please come back!!!!


Al the DLOE said...

dehydration? what has happened? are you ok? save any cookies for me?

Lawrence said...

Its about time!

... I want cookies...

mad said...

Toki-chan, did you make the cookies or did Cow? If Cow, then they are pretty good.

Toki-chan said...

I'm ok. I got into Downtown ATL to much. Nope I made and burned them myself!