Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Love it.

I think Cow does too.


Anonymous said...

I am going to get that book no matter what! Lol.
And as for Halo 3.
Meh. I don't have a 360. Should I get one?
Are YOU getting Halo 3?

Emad =P

Anonymous said...

Lol, I'm very good at maths. The exam I failed in was something extra that I took along with 3 other students in my year. It was unnecessary but hey. My actual results arrive next week though.
And if they're good, I select 4 subjects to take on at A-Level. An A-Level is a qualification in England.
After 2 years of A-Level studies, one can go to university.
That was quite long.
Really? Wow. Think you can beat him?

Emad =P

Steve Ballmer said...

I saw where you wrote this:
"He really looks like a big ape. Poor him, especially because he doesn't seem to be doing any well at leading mircosoft... He's got nothing going for him. "
I thought we had something going here, special buddies, amigos, ...
How could you backstabb me like that? I'm hurt and darned dissapointed. Just goes to show you can NEVER trust a Mac user!

Toki-chan said...

Emad: I hope I can

Ballmer: I wrote that? Well I agree I don't think I'm usually that bad. Sorry. Must have been the med's I was on. Mood swings my but, they were like mood jumping off a cliff.