Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Full Moon Tonight


And the crazys are out. And I am one of them.

Cow is hiding in the room.

Edit: I'm now a crazy who is going bowling!


Al the DLOE said...

Awoo! Awoo! I totally wish i could bowl with ya and enjoy the moon. I can feel the power of it now and wish to howl loud and proud in the graveyard looking over the river there in Rome and wander the streets. plus if it were not so late i would say dance on the DDR machine and set new records again.

Lawrence said...

Howdy from Disney world(almost), miss toki!

Miss talking to you.

Al the DLOE said...

moon still effecting me over here. still wild and now i got your balloon of power so BWAHAHAHAHA! in truth just chilling here on the sofa looking out at the moon and missing friends and i do have the balloon...heh heh heh..

faddah said...

mebbe you should take this opportunity to shave your head.

then you could all sing:

"take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling!"

Toki-chan said...

Dloe: I wish you could to. And now you have the balloon power. Use it wisely.
Mos: Ohhhhhhh....
Faddah: shave my head huh? welll..... you might have to convince my team of all girls too for that to be true. I might consider it then!