Sunday, October 28, 2007

Here come the issues...

Leopard is out, and I was able to snag a copy in a line of 400 so people. And after a day of making updates, backing up and other clean up issues. I installed it.

And, of course, the issues begin.

They seem to tie back to what I was reading onDaring Fireball's Murphy's Law when installing Leopard. He recommended doing a clean install; he implied it was better to be safe than to be sorry when installing. I kept thinking, that didn't even feel completely true to Murphy's Law. Murphy's Law is when the computer gotten through Leopard with some scrapes, but you done the deed, and you plug in your external hardrive...

And nothing happens.

My luck. But then again I knew I that my drive had to been unreliable.

The problem with this is the fact that most of these issues came from be being plain paranoid and stubborn on an idea. I had wanted to do it this way so that I could get the safest install on the computer, but without a lot of my extra programs, it wouldn't have mattered.
It seems being stubborn and paranoid which will never get you anywhere with a computer most times, except when everything goes to hell. The problem with switching from Windows to Mac is that I"m always expecting that to happen, and it rarely does and me installing Leopard just shows this.

Thank god I was able to get it to work with some very good coxing and lots and lots of patience (and maybe a overt threat of unleashing my 'loving tendencies' on it.

So I get in, and while waiting in between fooling with my external hardrive I was able to get in some one on one time with the operating system, and yes there was some issues with... well nothing other then the drive. The whole upgrade seemed doused with the OS that we know so well, sprinkled with some chunks and specks of updates. (Good god, I want Ice cream)
Like, the ability to take picture with your camera and have it go directly to image capture. This is only something I dreamed about when I first saw image capture. Also when you take a screen shot that get the box that you can drag around the certain area you want a picture of, it give you pixel number which much better help you estimate it's size.
Also now is the auto save on Text edit, which is amazing. And spotlight is a calculator! Oh, is it me, or do the speakers seem louder?

Now, by this time, I got my drive to work, (by I swear magic, and I don't know how I'll get all those variables right again) And... I start just dragging thing in.
Now if I hadn't been so headstrong, I might had just remember the little thing that had popped up a many of time when I was trying to get the Disk Utility to detect my drive, I would have considered the migration assistant, considering it was there every single time. But I just dove straight right in, and by the time I remembered it, I had transfered half my things. And I didn't want to transfer my 20 gigs in music, or screw up my new, fast running computer so I skipped it and ejected my external.

Bad Idea.

I forgot about my saved mail (in a pop account, which of course doesn't stay in link, just feeds it in), some parts of iLife, and my bookmarks and keychain.

Now, I'm going to have to get to a Tiger Mac, get my finicky drive to work, and hope to god I get all that is left.

So what I have learned with this lesson? That Apple products do have there flaws (I would know, my whole Google reader has been clogged with Apple Support posts) but you don't need to be as paranoid as in windows, or as obstantant, (though I wouldn't recommend that in windows unless your trying to out wait a program). Or

Windows = paranoia + breakdowns
Apple= ease + healthy worry

Plug that into your Spotlight calculator.


Lawrence said...

But i'm never paranoid with windows. I lurve it.

ALso, the color scheme made my eyes bleed.

Al the DLOE said...

could be worse...could have had to deal with Vista. Gawd am i glad i have a flat refusal to upgrade

Lawrence said...

Happy thanksgiving, miss toki!

Al the DLOE said...

may the os help you through finals

Lawrence said...

merry Christmas and happy new year, miss toki!

Yeah i forgot my password

Steve Ballmer said...

Not enough contrast between the blue letters ang the green backdrop Toki

Shenyurt said...

I can't stories .. bad colers :@

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