Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dumpstering Diving for God

So while I was looking up the legality of someone stealing your IP, I some how fudged the search enough that I got one of the most interesting sites I've seen in a while. This is a site called which had a post about garbage diving and eating. Ok first I was thinking cool, they must dive for items or something else. But then I saw that they dumpster dived for food.

Wait a second. Food.


Well atleast that was my first thought. Anyway, as I read down farther, I found out why these guys were doing what they were doing. It was eye opening to say the least. I'm not going to post the whole thing, but these guys, low on money, had heard about dumpster diving from their friend Ryan. One night they finally gave in and went with there friend to do this. Anyway, I zoomed down and something caught my eye. Here it is word for word:

Why do we dumpster dive?

God does not call us to try to live as comfortably as possible in an affluent culture--God calls us to live faithfully in the midst of it. Our culture of excess, overconsumption and waste is one that we feel compelled to oppose and this is one way we can actively do so. When we began we just imagined that we would save edible food from being wasted, but we've found that one step leads to another. Now when we get home and do the sorting, we find that we get a large amount of perfectly good food, but also a smaller amount of spoiled food. We've found that we can compost a lot of that and recycle a lot of the packaging it came in. If meat that we find doesn't pass Janel's quality control, we can feed it to a friend's dog. So we are finding better uses for even much of the food that we won't eat.

It's good for the environment (this is related to the first point)

We save money. We have been able to set aside a chunk of money each month which would have gone towards food for ourselves and we donate it to other important causes. We take turns choosing where to give and how to divide the money.
It reinfuses the phrase "Give us this day our daily bread" with new meaning and reminds us of our dependence (on God and also on the regular cycles of the planet).

It feels like a parable rescuing garbage and acknowledging its worth.

It's kind of fun.

(from Laryn and Jamal's post here

I've got to say that struck a cord with me. I always though about dumpster diving as looking for the big things such as furniture or end tables, or all the metal I so want to sort through for the treasures to make artwork with. However, this, this struck me as profound and well still a little disgusting. But these guys, I have to say are living how they believe, and there is not things much more radical (at least in my mind) than to eat garbage. I read some other sites, one called the Tao of Garbage diving (which is by their friend Ryan)which showed how they were able to get foods that they would not get any other way, that combined with quality control well I have to say, these men have discovered a gold mine. Though I would never due this (The second the food around hit the 90 and humid air here the food goes bad) it is amazing to me how these guys show their faith in all things dumpster diving. Then again Jesus showed us faith in everything he did, who says that these guys can't either. Even in dumpster diving.

Other links on this:
Inteview of the Laryn and Jamal on CBC

Tao of Dumpster Diving May need to regester but it's free


Steve Ballmer said...

I once went dumpster diving, I found a brand new Mac, I put it back.

Toki-chan said...

Man if that could only happen to me. Go some time at a recycling center. There filled with old PC's. I want to so bad....
*hypnotised* so much RAM!

tomawesome said...

hey cool topic... I wrote about it a while back:

Al the DLOE said...

i need to go diving for RAM and a other small items to use and sell. plus that would be great free components for the bot i am working on...

Toki-chan said...

Tomawesome: Yeah, it's neat.

Dloe: Yeah I understand. I hope your well

Steve Ballmer said...

I spoke to GOD last night!

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Steve Ballmer said...

Your'e cute, wink

Al the DLOE said...

now...the question why they started doing this for God when he takes in more money than most small countries but followers are asked for a vow of poverty...could they just be preserving themselves and claiming it in God's name?

Toki-chan said...

Thanks Ballmer.... I think

I really don't read spanish... Or i don't like to... it's hard.

Dloe.... huh?

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