Thursday, July 19, 2007

Apple and it's secret desire to design more than computers.

Apple has always been a company that has put emphsis on design of products. Well it seems that they also decided that God just didn't design fingers right also. Or atleast the guy who does the patent fillings for Apple. If you look back at Apple Patent fillings you'll notice the fingers in it do not look like any fingers I've seen. I thought that it was first a thumb, then a reader in the comments pointed out that you can tell an Apple patent by it's fingers. Well I have to say it's just strikes me as funny is all that Apple puts so much into it's products; but to miss a detail like this. So either Apple's people who do the patent filings can't draw, or Apple plans of design doesn't just go towards computers.


But then again who could make fingers look more elegant than Apple?

(Photos from Macnn and Photo and readers idea from Endgadet


Steve Ballmer said...

This is actually the way most Mac-users fingers look!

Toki-chan said...

Hey mine don't look like that :{

Anonymous said...

The word "it's" is a contraction of "it is". When you write "it's" in a sentence, read it back to yourself and replace "it's" with "it is". Does it make sense? No? Use "its" instead!

Toki-chan said...

I'm never going to live down grammer huh? *sigh*