Saturday, July 14, 2007

Suger addiction

Ok well this is why I think sugar should be considered a controlled substance. As many of you know, my addiction with sugar is long running, from when I was little and the only thing I would eat were sweet carrots, (which turned me orange) to the many incidents that abounded in glomps and other affectionate, but hurting acts. However, since I had given up sugar for lent a year ago (lasted 20 days pretty well)
I have been doing better up till now, so I have decided if I can show to myself (and maybe others) that the reasons that sugar should be labeled as a drug then I will take my sugar levels down to the point where I can drop out of the FDA (Future Diabetics of America).

1)The picture above
2) Cavities. Bane of all sugar users. It is a sure fire sign of one.
3)Highs and lows. This alleged drug can lead to uncontrolled giggly and shaking, know as a sugar high, however, as soon as this wears off, withdrawal begins with tired feeling, as well decreased attention span, and upset stomach (unless overdosed)
3) Large amounts. Many people, especially children will ingest this product in large amount, that is comparable to an overdose upset stomachs, want to never touch suger again and weight gain. Best example of this is day after Halloween.
4)Weight gain. 500 pound person wearing a bathing suit. That's all I'm going to say.
5) Easy access. You can find this any corner, any corner market, and with many south America countries having to turn to growing this substance to help support themselves with the unfair trading laws, you can bet there is going to be more coming in cheaper.
6) Promotion by big business. Even though the business know this sugea has many harmful affects the still sponsor such holidays as Valentines day with chocolate, Birthday's with cakes (except Publix, which I do not think puts any suger in it's cakes), and the greatest offender of all Halloween candy.
7) Sniffing. Sniffing this hurts!
8)The last and most convening reason: THIS MAY DECREASE YOUR LIFESPAN! The use of this drug over your lifespan (some people start as early as two) may lead to increase blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, which are the top killers in the U.S. Without sugar these proportions would be reduced! Hopefully one of these days it will be declared a controlled substance. Until then I will be a user of sugar.
*rips open packet of sugar*
Oh yeah, I need to quit.

(Previously published on Facebook.)

Sorry it took so long.


Miss you to Mos.


Lawrence said...

Gave it up for lent? I thought you weren't catholic.

And i wish i could eat massive amounts of sugar and not gain weight like you seem to be able to do. *hates people who can't gain weight*

Toki-chan said...

OH no, I have love handles to prove it. I've almost completely have to give up sugar to lose the freshman 15.

So what, me and my friends do lent. (Methodist by the way)

Lawrence said...

So nothing? I just thought we were the only ones who did. I didn't mean offense.

Toki-chan said...

I know you didn't sorry tired. I came off doing a final. *hugs*

lysdexia said...

Learn what defiantly and it's mean, if your dictionary is still intact.

Sugar doesn't cause cavities; starch does. Starch sticks to teeth whereas sugar kills germs.

Al the DLOE said...

well i just wish i could give up Mountain Dew and soda for a good while. i need the weight loss though half the time the sugar and caffiene are the main intake i get through the day.

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